Inclined confinement

Enclosed by four walls,
Vaporous cold mists swirling into puzzling shapes,
Willingly entrapped,
Planes of unreflective glass boarded over,

A maze of uncertainty,
Elastic solidified surfaces,
Invisible words inscribed,
Unseeing in my eyes,

Secrets I should know,
Quite whispers I should hear,
Soft nudges I should feel,
A raw stab will awaken my incoherent senses,

Paint the walls red,
An irrevocable change is taking place,
My mind is made,
My heart electronically pumping,

Flecks of red paint,
All over me,
A souvenir,
Never to be forgotten,

I belong here,
This room moulded for me,
To spend my lonesome existence,
Completely content.


Mirror Image

The mirror hangs on the wall,
Where it has always been,


A little cracked,
A little chipped,
But the reflection has not changed,
I am still who i was then,
I was what i am now,

My palm placed on the cold glass,

My pain laughs,
My silence screams,
My fears ridiculed,

The screen fogs,
Then clears,

Inside my head,
My mind shreads its findings,
Leaves it altered,

I could be planning your death.

Can you see?

Sympathizing with your problems,

Do you see?

Pondering your real motive,

Still can't see?

Should i turn on a light?
Step back?
Make it easier?
Show you the whole picture?

I can't.

All you see is the outside layer,
The protection,
Against people like you,
Against people like me,

It's time,

I unhook the mirror from the wall,
And let it drop,
Shattered to pieces,
A gigsaw of reflective shards,
I am no longer whole,
But i was not whole when the mirror was in tact,

But you didn't see that,

Did you?
Divine rain cascades,
Numbly cleansing exposed skin,
The puddle ripples.


Cryptic Knowledge

Returned pieces of something uncomplete,

A sign ignored,
An unwelcome intruder,

Time to decide,
An unexplainable verdict,

Content with the unsung.


A spiral of mesmerizing colour,
A trance-like state,

My vision blurs,
My heart numbs,

Infinite expansion,
A spark shared,

Forbidden fruit,
Not devoured,

A willing forfeit,
Without much persuasion,
A gentle nudge.i contributed to.

The Light

A light within a fragile shell,
May not be seen by clouded eyes,
The soft glow will never be subdued,

Whoever’s gaze falls upon this euphoric illumination,
Will be enchanted beyond belief,

Aglow with welcome,
Ablaze with appeal,
With a radiance that will elate you,

When the shell is willing to open,
The beholder will be unable to avert their eyes.