Inclined confinement

Enclosed by four walls,
Vaporous cold mists swirling into puzzling shapes,
Willingly entrapped,
Planes of unreflective glass boarded over,

A maze of uncertainty,
Elastic solidified surfaces,
Invisible words inscribed,
Unseeing in my eyes,

Secrets I should know,
Quite whispers I should hear,
Soft nudges I should feel,
A raw stab will awaken my incoherent senses,

Paint the walls red,
An irrevocable change is taking place,
My mind is made,
My heart electronically pumping,

Flecks of red paint,
All over me,
A souvenir,
Never to be forgotten,

I belong here,
This room moulded for me,
To spend my lonesome existence,
Completely content.