Deceptive Senses

The soft hum of the unfamiliar,
Bound together with gossip and snide blasphemies,
The knots tightly secured by profanity,
Unnecessary words spat though those unclean openings,

the wise monkey covers his mouth.
Speaking no evil.

Red glazed pebbles to the soul,
Assessing the danger,
Searching keenly for sin,
Glances towards forgotten realms,
A glimpse of something unexpected,
Haunting our conscience,
Scrutiny is the real motive,
Surveillance our unwanted friend,

the wise monkey covers his eyes.
Seeing no evil.

The sirens are screaming,
Shattering the silence,
Soft tainted cries of pleas,
Followed by long piercing pauses,
Blank spaces of hush slotted into place,
Echoes of deceased finally heard,

the wise monkey covers his ears.
Hearing no evil.