The Curious Star

The breaks in the clouds
Illuminated by the sunlight
Escaping from paradise
Hitting the earth with a soft sigh
Rays withdrawing for a few moments of admiration

The corpses lying on the grass
Appreciate the warmth
Their dead hands had forgot to write their wills
So, their relatives had refused to bury them
Selling their shovels, for microchips programmed
With floorplans of mansions vaults

Empty elevators carrying ghosts with maps
Sideways, towards parallel universes

Standing barefoot in a doctors doorway
Skin turning blue, scales forming
Refusing to be treated with holy water

As the rays of sunlight receive a warm welcome
To a place where everything is simplified
Planning their return back to earth
To visit the silent merry-go-round
And re-examine the children’s drawings
Of headless stick men