Remember existing
In the room of the all lives you have lived
Of the life you are still living
Wasting away with dreary routine

A magpie sitting in the corner
Waiting for another arrival
Watches patiently on a ledge

The dream catcher
The one your mother gave you
Is swinging from the ceiling
When did it start rusting,
With black nightmares?

The blunt weapons you stole
Are scattered all over
The blood stained sheets
A relic of all the times
Something has dug too deep

Sinsiter faces
Pressed against your window
Biting merrily at the glass
Chocking and spluttering
Not with laughter, but with the
Curses they cannot get out fast enough

I know and you know, you cannot
Hear the blazing horns in the distance
With borrowed ears
So, please find yours