Cosmic Sphere

Her scars are self inflicted.
Humans aid the forming of deeper scars.
With their caring, their compassion.
Love isn’t a bandage you give to just anyone.
People earn love, others pretend they don’t need it.
Truth is, love is the only thing worth living for.

If you’re going to climb a tower,
Make sure that all the windows are in the right places.

Amnesiac suffering strangers would be a quaint replacement.
Not remembering, not know her soul.
With no recollection of her ghostly apparition.
Then she could smile, and repeat the same jokes.
Tell the same lies, attract the same psychopaths.

Listening to a foreign composition,
And not absorbing the notes.

Living in a broken world has a penalty.
Habitation is not an option,
If you refuse to provide a few dead skin cells.
The creator of our deteriorating health.
Is just as bad as the people who are immune to it.

Someone’s hidden the super glue,
And stolen all the change in the jukebox.

Without pain nothing is real.
Everything comprises of artificial euphoria.
Yes, you could choose to numb it.
But where’s the fun in that?

Hire a shovel from someone beautiful,
And find a patch of land right above the clouds.