A Fogged Existence

Hold your breath, for longer than is necessary.
Bodily functions, are there to be challenged.
Clasp worn puzzle pieces, with fragile hands.
With no plans of solving a series of problems.
Tomorrow is another day, and you have a lifetime.
Listening to the hum of the traffic, everything seems intricate.
The simple wheel now has a pyramid over it.
Swinging so high, you thought the sky would absorb you.
Jumping into puddles, without a care about the consequences.
You miss the days, when all friends needed were a hug.
Now they ask for a limb. To hang above their door.
Childhood was a phase you cannot recall.
You don’t remember evolving into something bigger.
A flash of occurrences, trouble your mind.
Trusting so freely. Loving the helpless.
Now, a predetermined death,
and a coffee refill are all you ask for.