Love Is Blind

take three steps back
contemplate this situation
analyse ever detail
you may not realise it
but he’s watching you

you’re shaking
with realisation
he smiles
at your sharp intake of breath

left or right
both lead to oblivion
under his gaze
everything becomes
an obligation

pride may come before a fall
but for now
he’s got gravity on his side

on his carefully crafted board
you have always been the pawn
his umpire status
manipulates your movements
into a two-move checkmate

your willpower
decays faster
than the corpse
of your love
at the exact spot
your vision

*inspired by - Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell


Intuitive Logic

delicate screams
emphatic whispers
binaurally penetrate
with intensity

deliberating magnitudes
colliding with clumsily placed sequences
with frenzied urgency
fear compelling
vigorous movements

you see their stirring
drifting with sensual fluidness
moving within ambiguity
lust balancing on its oblique axis

postpone all caution
with everything to lose
you ought to have seen the advances
they were clear enough



You cannot fill a hole,
Without substance.
Some sort of sacrifice.
Within a surrender,
Inside an aphrodisiac.

Welcome the open spaces.
With apocalyptic gestures.
Ignore the darkened corners.
There are no endings,
No beginnings,
Only in-betweens.

The maze within your subconscious.
Is unfamiliar at rapid speeds.
You cannot escape your arrangement,
No matter how hard you try.

Your heartbeat fluctuates,
Around ignited lapses of genius.

Are you in need of directions?
The world awaits on the other side.
The indifferent need new meat.


Hyperbolic Musings

Cracks. Accelerate over the earth’s visage,
A series of neglected spider webs.
Hiding within a secret existence.
Light shines with excruciating accuracy.
Even with your beautiful eyes.
You cannot see it. I wish you could.
Look up at the sky for a moment, consider the stars.
Sometimes. People disappear. Into these cracks.
You spectate. With a heavy heart.
People are being digested at its core.
Being torn to pieces.
The world could swallow you up,
If it should intend to. Oh, how irony dances.


What Cannot Be

Would be simpler.
If acceptance of the truth.
Could be believed.
Instead of analysed.

What did come first?
The Chicken or The Egg.


Putting It Wrong

everything they didn’t know
the sky
had exchanged places
with the earth

faceless dancers
would carry their victims
to be drowned
in kaleidoscopic rivers

they could hear
their drumming
under the glimmering water
in between death spasms
the drumming replaced
their ears

sometimes these dancers
without faces
would flip coins
into the river
and wish
they found solace

you could almost hear
the clink
as the coins
made contact
with musical bones


Prior Condemnation

She stumbles onto a desolate highway.
Making sure she looked both ways.
There were no headlights to blind.
No humans to confront.
The mortar looked the way it should.

Home is the imaginary sanctuary of her mind.
The welcome mat held no messages.

Insecurity unbalanced her.
Pain brought her to your knees.

You can’t start a fire with a fire,

But inside she was burning.


Forgotten Creations

Those blocks. Look the way they always have. Withdrawn.
Cemented together. Nobody ever asks. About their nights.

They crumble under tense pressure. The weight of the sky will destroy them.

Shrieking. With unquenched thirst. To the selfish clouds.

The birds that have retired on their structures. Can no longer fly.

This touch. Will lead to another. Until oblivion invades.
And expands into the fractured bricks. Voided and sealed.



Regenerated amnesia
Forgets to remember

Inclusive sympathy
Pretends to care

Neglected corners
Mould their edges

Lucid obsession
Ignores all advances

Red laced promises
Tied and knotted

Your last resort
Is to hold a glass jar
Towards the sympathetic sky
To catch all the raindrops
And the stars that fall with them


See You On The Other Side

Flashing lights.
Anxious glances.
Discrete whispers.
Cold pillows.
An open window.

The final letter.
Words scratched out.
Punctuation misplaced.
Thoughts scattered.
Turmoil burning at the edges.

Scarlet stained water.
Ice cold precipitation.
Burnt-out candles.
Rusted razors.
Lipstick smeared names on the mirror.

She had cancelled her subscriptions.
Emptied her fridge.

Was enough.



Embracing a stranger’s cold tombstone.
Screaming your sorrows at its engraved face.
Crushing the deadly nightshade’s at its base.
With reproachful tenderness.
You apologise sincerely.
Tracing the engraved name with scarred fingers.

You could care less if this corpse.
Or could have been anybody.
A somebody.
6ft under the world deems them nonexistent.

You understand. You have always understood. Needs can be compromised.


Smart Cookie

Geniuses pondering comprehensive puzzles,
Strapping explosives to pieces of furniture,
Waiting for their death threats to be acknowledged,
Drinking green bottles of disinfectant.

Problems. Complications. Empty envelopes.

Articulating vulgar curses with stained teeth,
Shifting between French and Demonic,
Battling the elements nude, declaring umbrellas death traps,
Jamming elevator buttons with matchsticks.

Weapons. Responsibilities. Lost keys.

Filling vertical balloons with blue paint,
Happily conversing with faulty computers,
Ignoring all Do Not Enter signs,
Dancing with elegant mannequins.

Flight. Independence. Flicking channels.

Take an axe to your jugular,
Intelligent people initially flee life,
Were you not you aware of that?



Resurrecting empathy.

Tenderly inflicting pain.

Enduring poison.

Darling could you fulfill my final request?
Say my name as you assemble my bones.

It's the least you can do.


Just A Minute

Give me pills.
Give me injections.
Induce hallucinations.
Halt my motor functions.
I don’t care.
Keep my marbles if you must.
Shackle my limbs together.
Monitor my heartbeat.

What do you hear?

When this is all over.
I’ll have that fond memory.
Of you wearing a white coat.
Putting me into a trance.

“Perseveration” You say.

You smile at me.
As if I was a child.
Who hadn’t learned,
That all important lesson.

We laugh together.
Maybe you’re laughing at me.
I don’t mind.
I wonder if you hear me say.
“The music has always been too loud”


Rhythmic Confusion

Barricading everything familiar,
Purposely defacing your wall,
When will these promises,
Of poisonous black belonging,
Take effect?

These thoughts,
Will drive you insane,
Pain will indefinitely blur,
The medicine cabinet.

Foundations have reinforcements.

This bemused displacement,
Will assist in moving thoughts,
To their correct conscience positions.

Smile at the lonely,
They what you temporarily had,
But you know what?

The bastards can’t have it.


Battling With Imbeciles

Fight. For futile victories.
Theatrical warfare. Is historical.
Scream with the injured.
At empathic stages.
Flicking batons at the executors.
The wielder of death.
Lives within humanities void.
Where wrong meets left.

Your blood stained arms,
Still know how to embrace.


Fames Vertical Stick

Linear strobe lights,
Puncturing reflective surfaces.

Catching the burning paper aeroplanes,
Falling from the crimson skies.

The ground burns.

Undoing the buttons,
Untying the strings,
Dismantling electrical fixtures,
To replace everything,
With artificial adhesives.

Ignoring the adoring looks,
From starstruck fanatics,
Holding dart boards,
With your face on them.