the definition of fragile
is of a shell that has never been opened
self contained and obliged to dreary routine
expanding with stale breath
and fearful reluctance
and then deflating on a C-minor
the result of unrequited devotion

clouded eyes looking in from simple delusions
unseeing and assertive
eyelids uncovering, to show lit flames
searching for euphoric reflections,
of desire

enchantment clutches your wrists
and hangs them where they shouldn’t be,
straining your assurance
you are lifted to elation
and accept the glowing welcome
and radiating appeal

whenever the shell let it's guard down
you were unable to avert your eyes
you could never see,
past the illuminated cracks
and that had always been the problem

rewritten from: http://ladan-poetry.blogspot.com/2009/11/light.html