This heroin dusted wedding dress

today was the day
she would give her inky heart
and bruised soul
to a man she hated

she had received
a series of deficient congratulations
from ravenous friends and acquaintances

they had started painting her
she was drowning in floods of makeup
her coughs provoked un-approving murmurs
from the weapon yielding maniacs
with horizontal brushes

her bottled suicidal desires
were being swept underneath
her supposed excitement
by limp wristed stylists

she took one too many bathroom breaks
where she cried dehydrated malnourishment
and snorted lust into her nostrils
it bit holes through her veins
she was now able to deal with how terrible
her reflection looked
her bloodshot eyes probed her decision
did they want to live?

she had caught a glimpse of him earlier
his happiness
was masturbating with itself
his mental derangement
was not as infectious
as it usually was

on her return
her mother smiled and fixed her palm into hers
she was merrily forced
to step into her heroin dusted wedding dress

she had overdosed in seclusion
and her final wish
was to collapse where he could see her

she could already feel
the countenance of this unwilling bride
evaporating into nothingness