How it Happened

the severed walls
whispered to eachother
four faces debating
their imprisonment

the clock ticked urgent analysis
time haunted you
and made you believe
you would never be fast enough
to contain it all

the static from the television
replaced the voices in your head
as you concentrated on the colours

you saw yourself
opening a window
feeling for rain
and checking the temperature
you don’t remember it
but, you jumped
falling through air
and into the ground

you laughed all the way down



she settled on a fence
swallowing razors
with indifferent efficiency
and waving at strangers
who deflected her gaze
and instead stared
at the bile splattered pavement
whilst dragging corpses past


his eyes melted the walls she used to escape into

she fixed a vowel to her sleeve
the blood in her illiterate veins flowed
in the opposite direction
her pauses were infinite
his tongue mimicked her silence

ignorance dissolved on the handrail
steps which had no ending
pushed adrenaline through their exchange
the words were insignificant
but she listened
she could feel the heat radiating
from his heart
his thoughts were screaming
slurred desires

his form was a vessel
fondling unclothed saxophones
with what seemed to be
golden hands



She didn’t need indecisive contact.
Their limbs were worn puzzle pieces,
Making a slow journey downwards.

Floating for a while.

To catch the stolen light beams.

She didn’t need speed limits, either.
Patrolling her manoeuvres.
Light shone on oppressive numbers.
Needing to fulfil their purposes,
To the darkness.

Frequency waves,
Didn’t reach far enough within her brain

To displace
All those
Thoughts of him.

Her need, wore a hole in his soul.
Shaped like yesterday.


Discarded Straitjackets

the steps that lead you towards convention
bargained with the concrete underneath it
waiting for cues to split the canvases of hell
like a tolerant child losing an imaginary friend
and forgetting to breathe

because they were being kicked in the stomach
by translucent negligence

a tree crouched a few yards away
pretending to be uninterested
as it vomited up amber leaves
onto the rain soaked ground
gasping for a dose of subtler colours

it prayed to deteriorate for a kinder season

paranoia was asking you to dance
but you refused to get off the ground


This heroin dusted wedding dress

today was the day
she would give her inky heart
and bruised soul
to a man she hated

she had received
a series of deficient congratulations
from ravenous friends and acquaintances

they had started painting her
she was drowning in floods of makeup
her coughs provoked un-approving murmurs
from the weapon yielding maniacs
with horizontal brushes

her bottled suicidal desires
were being swept underneath
her supposed excitement
by limp wristed stylists

she took one too many bathroom breaks
where she cried dehydrated malnourishment
and snorted lust into her nostrils
it bit holes through her veins
she was now able to deal with how terrible
her reflection looked
her bloodshot eyes probed her decision
did they want to live?

she had caught a glimpse of him earlier
his happiness
was masturbating with itself
his mental derangement
was not as infectious
as it usually was

on her return
her mother smiled and fixed her palm into hers
she was merrily forced
to step into her heroin dusted wedding dress

she had overdosed in seclusion
and her final wish
was to collapse where he could see her

she could already feel
the countenance of this unwilling bride
evaporating into nothingness


holding onto disaster

and breaching consequences
required erasing actions
with fingerless hands
and a pair of eyes
that could not place repercussion
in its correct sequence

the sympathetic
would accept her apologises
and smile candidly
at her white lies

the cans of worms
did not come with return addresses

she stood in places
she would never belong
opposite glossy displays
and underneath broken lights
everything looked the way
it should,
normal and undisturbed
but the colours were all wrong
reality burnt the shades lighter

with every
“I thought you’d left”
there was a possibility
she would never return

she could see the condolences
and bowed heads
towards the approaching wooden coffin
which should have been white

she despised lilies


Circling The Past

the spaces in-between now and then
were filled with unfired bullets

un-spilt blood overflowed
with sorrowful reminiscences

the gaps of nothingness
inside the margins
claim to be undamaged

the forms standing within
were comforted by
cowards holding umbrellas
in the sunlight
whose cheeks were charred
and their souls blinded

she didn’t know how it happened
but she had chained herself
to the pillars
which had – possibility –
engraved horizontally
at their foots

everything else
was a flaw
that electrocuted
her time loop