her manslaughter was devoted
those foetus’ were attached to her sleeves
wrapped in warm blankets
straining against the sound of the world
her flimsy hearts, all eleven of them

reflected in her blood
she wanted to be alone
drowning on the bathroom floor
she smiles at the children
holding their combusted brains
attempting to secure sanity with elasticised straps

inside the womb of her mother
corruption didn’t need society

she looked for signs
her burnt daughter
ways to resurrect
without pulling at the stitches
her existence was dependent on it



near the doorway
cosmic gaps fused into eachother
creating dull breaches
and extensive shadows

underneath the chandelier
heads floated serenely
content with unrequited love
and their blinding silver bruises

underneath her bed
the monsters remained faceless



he knew how to make girls bleed
rivers of coagulated liquid
flowing straight into obscene wastelands
where his whores were smoking powered bone
and sighing at the way
he could poeticise hatred

on top of a green landscape
thunder struck her form into pulses of elevated despair
collisions of electricity blistered her soul
atmosphere pinned her to the ground
and made her unaware of the people
who wanted desperately to assist
accidently breaking the bones in their writs

all she wanted to do, was to watch him
burn another piece of her
she liked the way
his eyes glinted in the fire

for two years she had been walking around
with a knife embedded into her cranium
unable to think
about her instability

the bullets were tasteless
and behind her eyes
he would never be holding the gun
he’d be embracing it



the animals asked to be forgiven
they had gotten carried away
and eaten down to the bone
their owners lay in piles of flesh
with disapproving looks
etched onto their features
heads left untouched out of loyalty

tears washed away the blood
as they hid the remains
from the gluttony that possessed them

Openings in the Sky

If people were rain
she would be a puddle
occupying a dent in the ground,
an anomaly in mankind’s framework
deep enough for criticisms
but too shallow for compliments

how nice it must be
to be a threatening downpour, to be a hurricane
in a world which would always be
unaware of drizzle


ripping bullets out of the pavement

the gunman wore a neon green uniform
he stood steadily, legs apart, gun pointing upwards
nail marks were engraved into his forehead
the blood streamed from the wound
blinding him and sending him into fits of slippery coughs

with reason applauding his motives
he pointed downwards
and would only pause firing
when he was happy with the speed
the skulls we surfacing from their graves

every once in a while
he’s stop to reload
and shake the hands of the dead
as they emerged from the ground

dusting off the earth
and grinning at his efforts
they took his gun
held him down
and shot him
into an unrecognisable heap


Adversus Solem Ne Loquitor

trees exploited nature's intervals
stabbing septic changes into the earth
gradually peeling hell through

morality remained composed
cleaning the blood off Angels robes

she stood on the fluctuating ground
imbalanced with contentment
watching from a sheltered distance
as the ground prepared to combust

transfixed on the spectacle
her eyes tore pieces off irregular dimensions

emptying matter into piles of un-functioning organs

she collapsed, when symmetry interrupted

gravity orchestrated psychotic shrieks inside her head

with misplaced vengeance

everything became blood soaked
then she was blinded
by the sunrise she had not expected

(title translated from Latin: don't speak against the sun)


you had always wished on the moon

violet desire pulsed from the greying sky
tempting you with invisible smirks
and hoping you’d watch
as it unveiled mythical promises
Greek Gods prophesying your demise

attempting to count the stars
one for every fool who sought for better
dawn shattered the skies

taking a break from your painful mania
you sleep
and wish to wake up
where the fallen stars had landed



her mother arrived at eight
through the door
dusting off the cold
and accepting her greeting
she told her
he’d been attacked
by hooded creatures
who were just looking for fun
and a phone to call a hooker on
the one who smelled of vanilla
they liked her

they’ll burn in hell
she said
bad people always did

the verdict was;
a broken jaw
fractured bones
scars and bruises
and he’d lost a litre of blood

oblivions for two days
with only an empty bed to ponder

only mumbling a few questions
at the incident
questions that weren’t answered
she finally disappeared
into her sanctuary
locking the door
turning up her music

she scared herself
when she finally admitted
she wasn’t sympathetic
neither was she angry

she didn’t feel a thing



there they were
hung amongst the stars
golden nooses attached to their jugulars
swing back and forth
to some misplaced lullaby

down there
adulterous liquids infected the snow
snowmen waited for the sunlight
to dissolve their dreams
as they fell apart
into ambivalent drains

somewhere inbetween
forgotten memories were amplified
occupying human shells
who were frothing at the mouth
and driving themselves insane
at the thought of your return

asking their nurses
for just a second
to tell you how wrong you were
to stay
within their heads


Burnt Cranial Nerves

Emotion bled her dry.
Wooden bones structured her empathy,
Fixing together pages of dehydrated parchment
Anticipating floods of jilted ideas.

Waiting for secrets to part with their silence,
And dust off fragments of shadows
As it unfolded itself for invasion.

That was the problem with the human condition,
You could never be impartial
While you still had a heart that could pity.

Someday’s the knives were bladeless.
Someday’s the knives only had rusted handles.

Nailed to a wall
Divinity tasted bitter
You took the blows
And forced yourself to believe,
That you preferred scars over bruises.

Bruises you could never comprehend,
As if the perpetrator cared enough
To stop before rupturing your veins.

Your emotions had always been a sink.
With a gaping hole and a misplaced plug.
Consistency was never an option,
Overdoses were all that could be delivered.

The bad overdoses outweighed the good.
On a day like today,
It felt like the dire overdoses were all there were.

All days felt like days like today.

You asked yourself where you contained it all
And why you weren’t overflowing.
Maybe you just never could
Because all the liquid pain would evaporate
And intoxication would remember reality.

You would remain broken,
Only to be scrutinised
And found incompatible.