Mahogany torsos were stacked
against fractured walls
arms chaotically strewn
over grainy floorboards
hallow heads, sat gathering dust
on illiterate shelves
pages of discoloured newspaper
were used
to protect artificial limbs
against inept handling.

Innovation had erased recollections
of glimmering shop lights
and memories of wide eyed passersby
who gazed at satin costumes
circling their brief addiction
shoes squeaked on polished marble
customers stroked desire
against artistic seams
occasionally, fingernails would graze
over synthetic thighs.

Darkened eye sockets
persecuted stray birds
who flew in through barren windows
beaks pecked greedily
at hardened skin
discovering drained cores
they choked on pieces of plastic
spluttering musical apologies
they escaped
only to plunge skyward.


Lining the Sirens

Swinging from the multicoloured sky, hands greedily clasp single-colour arcs
palms char emerald and arms strain amber as feet search for stable ground to land on

Crawling on the ground, faces emerge from liquid concrete, spiting philosophy
insects contaminate current preoccupations as they seal nicks and knot scars

Drifting within the subconscious, foreign thoughts circle betrayal into themselves
combusting downward, gliding along abstract spines, only to diminish to the sound of sirens


Shifts in Clarity

A tree had rooted itself outside my window
Bracing the ground against its seasonal changes
Reminders of autumn lingered on leafless branches
A scarlet scarf remained suspend on a twig
Trying to tug itself free, trying to escape
To wrap reassurance around the collarbone of its owner
Memories clung by design to its reddened fibres.

Clouds folded precipitation into themselves
Hoping to give the world a few moments of happiness
Umbrellas would remain titled in hallways
And coat hangers pilled with outdoor clothing
Wooden hooks remaining dignified in sunlit conditions
Nudity came in the form of fresh raindrops
And icy swipes from the winds.

Watches were checked, checked once, then again
The clock whispered the arrival of 6:00pm
Reluctant in providing a time for motion.

Birds migrated neatly into surreal arrangements
Trusting eachothers decisions to plunge towards the earth
and glide past colossal concrete structures
The spectacle climaxed and
They disappeared into the distance
Where their homes awaited and belonging chimed welcomes.

The afternoon progressed calmly into the evening
And the evening would drift sleepily into the morning
The sun rose to the sound of reminiscent murmurs
Certainty slowly undoing the works of the seamstresses of fate.