Hands, my hands were crawling with ants
they followed the causeways of my veins
I could feel my blood burning as the burrowed;
up my arms to settle in the hallows of my elbows,
like the way a lovers lips would feel after a confession.

The skin of my forehead was heaving with spiders
they ate through my hardened skull and dumped eggs
foreign scuttling stirred my thoughts from its silence
I tried to shake the spiders out through my ears,
but they burst through my eyes, blinding me.

The abdomens of mothers was pregnant with wasps
concentrated buzzing wrapped around tiny limbs
skin rippled as wings brushed against pulsating nerves
the wasps stung along segmented breaks of umbilical cord
depositing iron spikes into the cheeks of a bleeding foetus.

Termites danced along flakes of rain soaked bark
crawling horizontally across lengths of dead limbs
swarms of blackness moved in and around shredded leaves
eating their way through foundations of roots,
they tunnelled; towards the navy stained sky.