Two Capsules of Deception

my exterior resembled yours, a stony skeleton framed,
with eyes, lips and skin; drifting lazily against expectation
my form gradually pixelated into the razored atmosphere
sewing my veins back through my creativity and out again

my fear smiled, becoming lost in a temporary condition
my normality escaped from my lips in graceless bursts
ribboning the searing needles that skewered my brain
static indulged electricity, stretching out my skull

my tongue could only drone murder, every passing thought
was invaded with scarred children becoming exorcised
my disposition fluctuated between taxes and sin
unable to breathe, I dislodged my dusty trachea

my week old form was slumped over pieces of poetry
emotion had drained me; synonyms became sadistic
foreign words violated mine, holding a gun to its head
reaching for my pills I kissed the disappearing trigger.