masks are inked and seared
with cold blooded disguise
and packed tightly into boxes
linear with neglect

decorative glitter weaves value
into expressive cryptic swirls
of questions jaded indigo
with angst and misery and fear

juvenile patience flattens
its elegant stitching
and wears down its rouses
with coppered rust

lightening shaped cracks,
beeped and glitched,
craving negligent shaped patches
to heal their exposure

masquerading outlines of disorder
with creased smoke
to fleck misery and drain scars
into tailored a serenade

intoxicating concealment
and leaking emerald shine
so the wearer could never leave
a honeycombed trace

but the correlations of the world
amplified face shaped splendour
into moulds of ordinary skin,
that knotted synthetic faces into frowns.