you had a gun for everyday of the week
and a new heart to riddle with affection
shaking steel plated fire out onto your palms
you aim, steady as a rock, at her heart,
tearing your love out through her ribcage

the underdog's number was on speed dial,
he always answered with a whistling cough
he would ask of how far this one flew
and you would assure him of her divinity
his organs emptied out into the dial tone

he would arrive soon after, limping to your front door
smelling of tobacco and murderous intentions
with a kiss on her forehead, he packed her up
into neat rosy lines of square dignity
and he would leave with a tilt of his hat

the burning sun set to the sound of your thoughts
and another feathery girl would be waiting inside
her legs folded beneath her, a smile plastered onto her face
and you would tell her of all the hearts you had punctured
until her bulletproof walls had vanished into the carpet.


Circuit Boards and Menthol

microchip my brain
with electric tranquillers
and funnel my sorrows
into the insides of ticking circuit boards

until my soul is fastened
to the serial codes of metallic bullets
and my sickness is smoke-screened
into lightening struck puddles

smear my stone heart
with watery menthol
and leave me out in the cold
for the rats to eat me alive

switch off my fears
with your inked fingertips
until all I can feel is the dust
settling around the gaps of my molars.


Edges of the Earth

shoulder to shoulder trees line the pearly seas
shielding threads of waves from bearded explorers
who paddle in boats carved from philosophy
cutting through veined shields and mirrored streams
they tear their bodies in half and feast on their flesh
soaked in blood the explorers drown in waterfalls
their souls mist into the holes at the bottom of the sea

valleys foam white gold over drained trenches
they stand high, waiting for horns to signal the end of the world
their stone hearts are used as coffins to bury the dead
the ground becomes clogged to its roots with fiery bodies
the dead tear their lungs out of their chests and hold it up to the skies
wanting the kaleidoscopic clouds to inflate their empty skin
but Gods steal their life and watch as they wither and die

the elephants watch on vacantly, towing children behind them
weeping and shaking the children claw at the sandy dirt
screaming for their mothers they break free and melt into the ground
disintegrating into the jagged wind the elephants dissolve after them
inside a hologram at the end of time, I watch the world
tear itself into irregular pieces and hook itself up to a drip,
as it dies, the ghosts of its mistakes absorb me into its liquid.



around abandonment
frozen dials
to a halt

and Polaroid’s
with memories
are dumped
lucid letterboxes


and gnaw
through moulds
of clear bone

thawing misery
leaking infatuation
down the hallows
of my translucent