They were unspoiled, the children who obeyed
from the waist up they glow a magnetic silver
but their insides slowly thaw, splintering,
muscles and veins turn to bark
and their silhouettes stiffen with lust

Deafening sirens call from within isolation
engraving surrender into the children’s tongues
and melting their small bones. To drown their senses
down the darkened alley of sickness
and into the arms of the Devil that needed pleasing

Girls made of newspaper become seeded
by the marbled men they had rented
and loved wholly for a blameless night
but their lovers bruised, scarring their hearts,
and breaking them into pieces they would never find

For the first glance of hardened organs
foetuses would drag their half formed bodies
out of their mothers puss stained wombs
and they would hunt for humans they could tear apart
and fill with awful sunflower seeds.