They were unspoiled, the children who obeyed
from the waist up they glow a magnetic silver
but their insides slowly thaw, splintering,
muscles and veins turn to bark
and their silhouettes stiffen with lust

Deafening sirens call from within isolation
engraving surrender into the children’s tongues
and melting their small bones. To drown their senses
down the darkened alley of sickness
and into the arms of the Devil that needed pleasing

Girls made of newspaper become seeded
by the marbled men they had rented
and loved wholly for a blameless night
but their lovers bruised, scarring their hearts,
and breaking them into pieces they would never find

For the first glance of hardened organs
foetuses would drag their half formed bodies
out of their mothers puss stained wombs
and they would hunt for humans they could tear apart
and fill with awful sunflower seeds.


Body Bag

I decay
into pockets of polyester
clawing melancholy
into the condensed air
of my suffocation

I decay
into fibers and stitches
breeding with viruses
that hatch from my mouth
multiplying indifference

I decay
into chains of black holes
until I am flung
by the edges of my body bag
into the furnace.



the days merge together in an eclipse of incoherency
extending and twisting around morbid afterthoughts
to haul the sprits from their guilt stained sanctuaries

magnets pull, and spin in rapid grey blurs of addiction
severing through loyalties and broken senses of entitlement
needles shine, refusing to inject reflections into dead skin

rows of machines speak in deafening syllables of three
poisoning recovery with scarlet intoxicants of torment
fragile layers of skin jolt, and expire into the overcast sky.



narcoleptics wander around vacant shopping centres
dispositions eating holes into their tablets of melatonin,
escalators mince their tired bones
into tessellations of lethargic veils

faceless executioners line the shadowed pavements
their gaping mouths inhale toxic fumes of the sleeping,
possession stitches their eyelids
into the insides of soft pillows

the blue moon tenderly smothers ill-fated sleepwalkers
into the creases of their perfume stained mattresses,
dawn severs their limbs
with burning shards of sunlight

the television flashes dull light across the grit of my walls
piercing through the liquid strings of my dejected thoughts,
until my nightmares drain the world
of all its splintered happiness.