do you remember
how the water spun
and melted
into the pebbles
of the sunlight?

and do you remember
how the light
off the opening
of the whirlpool's mouth?

decades of waste
and pearly bone
got sucked in
and digested at the base
of the riverbed.

and the wind sings softly
from the skies
plucking its notes
from concoctions of saliva
and rainwater.

above, the overpass
is filled with faces
all blinking
down into the cracks
of liquid.

do you remember
that morning
when the Maelstrom
swallowed you whole
and ate you up?

and do you remember
how I cried
because I couldn't follow
the bloody current?
So my teardrops did.


Firework Face

rebellion drowns the moon under
layers of rain soaked concrete,
wishless stars rupture and burn
ulcers into leaf; my firework face
slits open golden foxes and mutters
things he cannot remember:

“grass stained leather...
priests on speed dial.”

hands steady, lighting the ends
of cheap explosives, until the beams
are blinded and neglect seeps into
the nightime and nothing but barcodes
and tattered wrappers become visible.
His face has never been the same.


Carousel Exorcisms

horses dislocate their jaws
and froth at the mouth,
as the demons absorb themselves
into their shining ceramic skin

the children sing and clap,
as the demons posses their bodies
embedding themselves into their skeletons
for the transitions into older eyes

and that was how it started,
with a promise,
of satanic oblivion and burnt surahs
until nothing but insanity and lust remained
until they starved to death.


Permanent Daylight

his cigarettes taste like death
sweetening the burning sunlight
his lips purse, and expel,
swirling smoke skywards
and searing through my skin.

I didn't ask for a distraction.

A Paradigm Suicide

twisting and hurling distortion
into honeysuckled iris'

mocking, masquerading,

reflections back into the basin
of cunt-faced agoraphobia

sweating, sawing,

heads off demons and
plugging spines into victims

breaking, burning,

elements off periodic tables;
binding carbon dioxide to trees

decreasing, destroying,

veins and preoccupations
across lines of powder

sniffing, snorting,

suicide into nostrils
and choking back vomit

lunging, lisping,

around circular patterns;
slashing squares into triangles

ending, eclipsing.



Is that red lipstick you’re wearing? And are those roses
on your dress? Vinny, do you have flowers in your hair?

You smell sweeter that I remember; and your hair is longer
than I recall. Why is there eyeliner running down your cheeks?

Is that a gun you grasp in your hand? And why
are you barefoot? Dearest, why are you screaming?

Have you lost your handbag? And why are your stockings torn?
Sweetheart, please take that gun out of your mouth.

You’ve been gone for days. We looked for you; we searched,
Vincent, why is there blood running down your legs?



I lit fires, and scorch dinner plates
with acid; because I couldn't afford anger
or pay for my despair. I smash plates
against photographic walls and
wedge shards of porcelain angst
into my medicated intervals, bleeding
it open for the monsters. The air glitches

and pulses, through my nostrils and up
through the hole in my head. The hole
that wasn't there yesterday. I couldn't
eat, only inject vanilla into my bloodstream
and drown in screaming machinery. Last week
I skinned myself alive - that was before, exhaustion

burrowed into my heart, spreading to my fingertips,
It became malignant, and masturbated
itself to death. Hit me, with everything you've
got, burn me to the ground and eclipse my
sanity into itself. And there's that smell again,
the smell of vanilla and rust, that wouldn't go away.