you are a tragedy, an erratic equilibrium
amber bleeds through the air from your eyes
settling on the tips of our dense hyperboles
I couldn’t remember what lies were for
or why I wanted lightning to hit the sea
your lips they interrupt

and burn through my soul like a pyromaniac
with liquid sunlight sewn through his nerves
I wait with a grudge, with a sulphuric ideal
schizophrenic premonitions claw into my skull
the clouds form headless horses before me
your hands they obstruct

like molten light your fingerprints sear onto my skin
and bruise my veins into triangles and dream catchers
I’m a pathological liar, I could kill, I dream of nothing else
the sky opens up for you baby, it feeds you golden birds
your thoughts they filter, they trickle, they evaporate.


Watercolour Dream

with your head on the pillow
watercolour leaks from your ear
drenching the pillows spectral
and the sheets kaleidoscope
like a faucet your pores wisp
nebula particles onto my skin
multi-coloured specks
get caught in my hair and throat
but you don’t notice, you’re lost
in a comatose surrender
you don’t feel my hands
claw at your chest, or my tongue
on your neck. you don’t even feel
the knife I plunge through your heart.