this cosmos was too small to hold her together
eyes and patience glue torn skin into paradoxes
of doubles, triples, that juxtapose into one another
like a ripleless sea where noboby drowns, or lives
this galaxy anchors itself to the hinge of nothingness

its suspension couldn’t be reasoned, but she understood
with its chaos and insolence and moonbeamed shields
it would drift like the burning pages of its lined atlas
and she would breathe in its silver fumes, suffocating
on its philosophy until she was compressed into herself

and that would be the story, of the girl who asked for too much
she’d splinter and minimise like the screen of her content
until hell spat her out, until her reincarnation refused her
until nothing was left, but a shell that wasn’t really there
to exist in undiscovered universes, until she was erased.   


I Knew Nothing

dead batteries
and checkered apathy
chew through
beige coloured carpets
like a coffee spill,
like a leaking mouth,
like a blip;
of words fingering eachother
with needless
all apologies and disgust
cling to the mossed walls

I ask the lady in the white coat
about a referral
she shrieks back alien replies
in morse code,
using castration as an excuse
for her infidelity
the doctors have hung themselves
in the waiting room
while I was in the bathroom
vomiting up a foetus

I am diseased, rotten
too cold to set on fire
but you look at me
like I have the universe
frothing form my mouth
like a lost moon
without a socket
and I couldn’t
breath or see or sleep or function
I knew nothing of anything
I knew nothing of me.



my bones fluctuate between heat and resentment
I could feel resuscitations on my still black heart
from the moon that followed me across the bridge

I couldn’t remember how to listen until the trees whispered
verses of Neruda as I passed and the grass lisped Plath
my perceptions frayed at the sight of the descending moon 

I watched as the air filled with coffee fumes and nicotine
the sky darkened briefly with bitterness as I wandered
up onto the landing, across the rooftop and into my head.