they are terrified of me
and I cannot understand why
I spiral into tragic afterthoughts
of hindsight’s and maybe’s   
when I am asleep I feed on the skin
of wounded animals
I awake with organs and dreams
hang from your mouth
the sky looks the same as it did yesterday
so do the flowers
but the children are no longer alive
they wanted nothing of it
in this backwards facing place
all the formations bleed and obstruct
I am absorbed into a silvery comatose
and anchored down to a dark sea
I feel hate pushing against my skull
so I pull out every one of my teeth
until I can no longer speak.


Silver Moon

It could drive you insane
the sideways world
and all its conspiracies

like a doll whose porcelain eyes
had only seen molestation
I am too numb for movement

the window panes
count themselves off
as I plan my escape

with awareness and fragility
pushing against my spine
I spiral, coil and compress

the silver moon it contains me
under its white coating
it folds me up, holds me down

a navy embodiment
I will forever bloom
until I reignite.


Regenerations of the Flesh

severed heads roll
and multiply like flies
eye sockets and mouths
sprout legs
and wings grow
onto the tops of heads
I watch as the sky blackens
and disappears
the heads they fly
into the fire
of the earth’s core

their stone cold bodies
remain on the surface
puddles of blood congeal
into scarlet ceramics
sentiment beats punctures
into drums made of skin
and gives itself
to the men
who want to be inside of it
dawn will pull their bodies inside out
dawn will make them new.