Barn Swallow

you are golden but I would rather you be silver
silver, pearl tipped and purer than the blue sea

beams bounce off the glimmering sidewalk
blinding the wary sun back into its amber tomb

distracted, you perch on a white crescent
my fingertips nick on the tips of the moon

blood drips towards the earth as if it were rain
you are reluctant, you skirt around my affliction

soon it will be day and you will be blackened
empty and fearful of the abrupt darkness

the sun will call and you will be beneath its warmth
because you are flight and you glow royally.


Trench Coat

the sky settles on my head
like a bird on surveillance
my bones are heavy
I’ve held up your thoughts
for longer than required
soon my skull will implode
you are dressed in waterproof blue
hand in hand with your makers
tell me, are their palms scarred?
It hasn’t rained in months
the plants have withered, so have I
punch holes through the ground
and embed yourself into the soil
with your trench coat pulled over your eyes
you are invisible to everyone but I.