ovarian fury

becoming less pure after every calloused touch
a plague of obscenity breeds inside of me
withering me down to carnal blackness
caking dependence underneath my fingernails
i'll claw at you, until you bleed the same grey
spirits and psychedelics froth from my mouth
numbing me to your pleas of chastity
i am not yours to submerge and baptise
i'll cut myself to pieces before your gods
and let the devils enter through my orifices
watch me swallow your iron moon.

(reading ovarian fury)



bleed me
to death
until i am lighter
until i have depleted
my hell is a room
with your name on the door

i loved you
until i could no longer stomach you
my devotions were chained   
around your neck
but you had told me
you liked it that way

you were carving
lines into my skin
and now that i have sealed
you reappear
to see how your absence
has dulled me.

(reading absence)