acid induced psychosis

have i become
a cannibal chewing
her own skin
to rewire her nerves?

expecting to be cured?

impatiently waiting
for the kaleidoscopic peak
to weave my personality  
into a new dimension

into a room with no past

i lace herbs
through my lungs
as the walls start to breathe
and spit colour

i am drowning, we are drowning 

the person i was
cannot be reincarnated
i will remain buried
in a paradox

numbers and symbols choke me

my body turns itself
inside out
and i become rubber
and fraudulent

sexual deprivation nestled under my skin

a square to rewire my brain
two tabs to awaken me
i think maybe i am rotting
somewhere between reality and psychosis

drinking what's left of the moon.

(reading acid induced psychosis)